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Explosions & Drama.

Making a film festival talk back to you.

Client Sydney Film Festival sff.org.au Discipline
  • Website
  • User Experience

On the advent of their 65th year, Sydney Film Festival sought to reinvent the experience of discovering films and events. Housing one of the largest film programmes in the world with over 500 sessions across 10 venues, we established a cohesive design language to help users quickly and effortlessly plan their festival experience.

Working closely with their existing ticketing partner, we designed new integrations to allow for features such as an interactive schedule, personalised festival planner, curated collections, electronic ticketing and more.


Careful consideration had to be given to the perpetual festival lifecycle, which sees the site grow and shrink over the course of a year. The visual design is ever-changing as it must adapt to the colours and artwork of the annual SFF theme, while retaining enough of the core SFF brand to cater for evergreen initiatives such as the Travelling Film Festival.

We not only transformed the exterior of the site, but also overhauled the process of importing and managing films and content under the hood. These changes have cut the effort involved in maintaining the website by more than half.