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The experience of building a dream home is stressful. Expectations are set high from the beginning, yet the unexpected challenge of receiving vastly different quotes from timber suppliers and unkept deadlines come knocking down the door.

Set Residential has sought to change this experience by being the voice of reason: a project manager for the owner as they build their dream home.

We built a brand identity that speaks to not only the owner, but to the collaborators – architects, builders and tradespeople – who help Set make their home a reality.

Architects value precision, builders want flexibility and the owners depend on reliable and approachable service. We needed to develop an identity that ticked all these boxes. We looked to a set square when designing the brand. The customised ‘t’ in the logotype nods to this tool, while the angles inform the ‘s’ brandmark, a modular device for creating dynamic backgrounds and layouts.

Minimal layout and a considered colour palette contrasts with a geometric typeface to balance brand confidence with friendliness. We developed a brand voice that uses a modular language system – building on ‘Set the bar’ – responding to the high expectations of Set’s audience.

As a whole, the entire brand creates a distinct, confident first impression while embodying the the company’s friendly, bespoke and artful nature.