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While you may not have heard the name, you’ve likely heard about their work.

Schillings is the UK’s (and one of the world’s) pre-eminent law firms, with an eye-watering roster of clients and a resolute hand in the foremost privacy and defamation cases for the last 30 years.

The prevailing perception of Schillings has been that they’re attack dogs that swoop in during a moment of crisis, often bearing the courts as a weapon. In reality, Schillings’ practice is a preventative and proactive approach to privacy both online and offline.

We worked with their new brand positioning to capture the breadth of their services — litigation, digital communications, intelligence and investigation, and security risk advisory. To unify their offering, we built a brand identity underpinned by the thing that drives everyone at Schillings — protecting privacy and highlighting the truth.

Highlighting the truth

Quotation marks are used throughout the brand to highlight a word or phrase. As a symbol, quotation marks reference a focus on what’s important, the truth – whether it’s the letter of the law, or evidence.


The bold new brand identity uncouples Schillings from the stereotypes of the legal sector, and steers away from the fear-based and aggressive tactics common in the legal sector. Schillings are confident, calm, and helpful — to reassure clients who are often approaching them in moments of crisis.


We brought the new brand to life through a new website, and a set of hand drawn illustrations inspired by courtroom artists as a nod to Schillings’ history in litigation. These give Schillings an own-able and distinctive brand asset. The approach of courtroom artists also mirrors the Schillings team — fast responders who quickly take in a situation and get to work.


We gave the illustrations wit and a contemporary style to help the Schillings brand represent an evolving, and industry-leading firm.