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Embracing Dissent

It's time to burst some bubbles.

Client Rouser Website Discipline
  • Website

Rouser are a new kind of environmental activist organisation, tackling the burning issues of climate change and eco collapse on a simple founding belief: when you change mainstream culture, political action follows.

Rouser engaged us to create a website with the same focus and attitude they bring to their intervention campaigns.

In the fight against complacency and inaction, Rouser are in the business of dispelling myths and energising a new generation of activists. We decided to give every visitor to website agency over their own decisions with the ability to burst their own bubble.


Creating a simulated, interactive bubble on a website in realtime is no easy feat. Over 20 separate parameters, such as surface tension, resistance and air turbulence, were coded into its behaviour to mimic real life.

We also scrutinised visual qualities such as reflection, iridescence and, of course, refraction. It was vital that visitors could peer through the bubble to see the messaging on the page, thus strengthening the relationship between the two.


The bubble starts its life small and still but, as you scroll and take on board the messaging, it grows large, agitated and fragile.


This culminates in a call to action at the bottom of the page. True to Rouser’s provocative nature, we did the unthinkable: introduced user resistance. If you want to change the world, you’ll have to give it a push.


Despite this tongue-in-cheek obstacle, a whopping 77% of all users reached final call to action, a clear indication that users are highly engaged with the entire storytelling experience.

In the site’s first week, visitors popped the bubble over 20,000 times. With every burst, we hope to engage a future climate action champion.