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Enter a (photo)real interior.

Client Polygon polygondesign.com.au Discipline
  • Branding
  • Website

Polygon is a multi-disciplined business with two distinct arms: Studio, home to its architectural rendering practice and Design, creating and curating unique furnishings available for purchase.

Our challenge was to discover a unique way to communicate these similar, yet entirely different, arms in one, cohesive website. Our final inspiration arose from the incredibly photo-real interior renderings their team produces.

We worked with Polygon’s principle designer to create a hyper-realistic panorama of a large room, divided down the middle to separate each business arm.

On the left, Studio showcases the best of Polygon’s photoreal work. High quality materials, lighting and raytracing creates a realistic, beautiful living space.

On the right of the room, the decoration of the interior takes a back seat, with Polygon’s products taking centre stage.

We developed a custom implementation of WordPress that allows for easy cataloguing of Studio case studies and Design products and a visual system for easily placing labels in 3D space.

At any time, the Polygon team can refine and re-render the panorama, with a z-depth matte even allowing for unique, 3D flourishes of interaction across what is otherwise a 2D image.

The end result is a buttery smooth, effortlessly simple introduction to this unique business structure that immediately sets a high bar for the work they produce.