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PhotoAccess is Canberra’s leading multi-purpose photography organisation. It attracts local, interstate and international visitors to see, appreciate, learn about, make and show contemporary photo-based art. Not only does it house three galleries, but PhotoAccess also features the only publicly accessible darkroom in Canberra, a shared working space, teaching room and a resource library.

In 2016, Director Janice Falsone spearheaded a vision for PhotoAccess that would see them continue to progress as one of the ACT’s key arts organisations. It was identified in this process that PhotoAccess needed a fresh identity to match the trajectory of the organisation, and to speak to a community with ever-changing expectations.


We wanted the brand to be simple and elegant, and we wanted it to have flexibility when it came to showing off artist work, but also have its own personality and deep roots in photography.

When approaching the logotype, we looked back to the origins of photography; the natural optical phenomenon, camera obscura. This is best described as the behaviour of light when passing through a pinhole, causing the image to reverse and invert.

To compliment the PhotoAccess logo, and to build brand recognition, we introduced the use of lines similar to those used to indicate camera metering, the circle element referencing a camera’s aperture and a black & red colour scheme that represents working in the dark room.

These visual systems contribute to the brands versatility, and gives PhotoAccess a distinct visual identity to see the organisation move proudly into the future.