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Client Mookie Discipline
  • Branding

There’s a new burger joint in Canberra. In order to stand out the Mookie brand needed to be bold however it also needed to convey a sense of trust in a crowded market. We created an identity that is ambitious, packing lots of attitude, yet has a sense of sophistication that delivers the required feel of establishment to patrons interacting with it.

Mookie Burger Canberra

The burger market is flooded with brands derived from American culture so we took this one in a completely different direction. Distinctly influenced by Japanese pop-culture, Mookie uses strong iconography based around the central concept of the burger menu to effectively target a tech-savvy, younger demographic.

Mookie Burger Staff
Mookie Burger
Mookie Burger Shake

The brand rollout included a broad spectrum of collateral, from the initial identity and voice, to packaging production, social media direction and physical signage design. Every single touch point was carefully considered, telling just enough of the story without ever revealing the whole picture at a single point, keeping the audience forever intrigued as they journey from digital to physical interaction with the Mookie brand.