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Client Mason Stevens masonstevens.com.au Discipline
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Mason Stevens is a Sydney-based financial advisory firm that is changing the way people invest. They approached ED. because their website had a poor user experience and simply didn’t do the premium service they offer any justice.

The Mason Stevens business model is multi-faceted so it was essential that they educated their audiences with ease; getting the right information at the right time to the right users. We successfully accomplished this by breaking down each user type and their respective reasons for visiting the website. This discovery process allowed us to create an intuitive way for each user to find the bits of information that are relevant to them.

After the user experience was drilled down to a tee, we began exploring visual designs. Our idea was simple: beautiful photography of the Mason Stevens team would be the hero. The team’s collective expertise is what sets them apart as a business, so it seemed only natural to highlight them in the most obvious way. The photography, paired with plenty of white space, creates a sense of relaxed professionalism that really speaks to who they are as a business.

Since the implementation of the new Mason Stevens website, we have received extensive positive feedback. Their users are finding information more efficiently, and Mason Stevens’ internal workflows have improved due to a more organised and intuitive content management system.