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Efficient Delight

At your service.

Client Lobby Boy Collab with Co–Partnership Discipline
  • Animation

A venture by hospitality experts The Grounds Group, Lobby Boy rises to meet the lifestyle of the modern workforce. An environment to eat, meet and work remotely, our friends at Co-Partnership were tasked with naming and creating a visual identity that encapsulates efficiency and service.

This beautiful identify from Co–Partnership was begging for traditional animation techniques in the rubber hose style of the 1920s. So we gave it just that; frame by frame.

Working with Canadian illustrator, Gary Taxali, Co-Partnership devised not only a new brand, but a friendly face to embody these values. ‘Lobby Boy’ himself aims to be completely invisible but always at your service.


Inspired by the rubber-hose style of animation found in cartoons of the 1920s, we brought Lobby Boy to life, imbuing him with the mannerisms and sense of efficiency to suit the service and productivity you’ll no doubt come to experience when visiting Lobby Boy.

His uniform remains kempt at all times, yet there are bursts of energy and spontaneity which convey his positivity.

Every nuance of Lobby Boy's movement balances professionalism and play.