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Embrace Danger

Building a session planner with an actual plan

Client Festival of Dangerous Ideas festivalofdangerousideas.com Discipline
  • User Experience
  • Website

ED. is proud to have designed and developed the official website for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, alluring visitors to enter the festival’s provocative, courageous heart. We always knew that the website would need to be as immersive as the event, so large, beautiful graphics and video played a huge role in the design.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas
Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The biggest opportunity, however, was to reimagine how visitors could plan and decide which sessions to attend. We built a planner that can be shared with friends and highlights schedule conflicts. We created new ways to find new topics, too. Quarantine showed off the season picks from FODI’s staff, while The Hunt offered up a unique suggestion of sessions based on how users responded to three questions on their comfort zone, what they want to see challenged and if they want to get angry.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

We used extensive API integration for seamless planning and buying with IWannaTicket, with digital services built to be useful for attendees on the day.


The new website saw records broken for their launch-day ticket sales and deep engagement with the entire roster of speakers and dangerous ideas.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas