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Elegant & Dedicated.

“As I’m sure you can gather from this page, your whole life changes when that first child comes along. Madeleine has been a pleasure since the start. This is an odd opportunity to pen a little ‘Mum fan club’ piece – I highly recommend this wonderful woman!

Madeleine loves seeking out information. She is just as likely to be looking through a microscope in order to experience the wonders of nature or reading widely, retaining so many specific details (perfect for any ‘trivia night’ team!) and she usually invites others to enjoy all that she is discovering. She has invested fully into all she has set her mind to – from being the eldest of five siblings, to travelling the world, and to staying in touch as life moves loved ones around.

Madeleine has also been such an entrepreneurial person. She is a logical thinker, methodical in her execution of the tasks required, while still considerate of the people in her teams. She knows how to start AND finish – she gets the job done. She is just as happy to learn from the difficulties that she encounters as well as celebrating the successes.

If I had to sum her up, I would say she is a creative, logical thinker and artist. She is reliable and careful to do what she has set out to achieve. She appreciates getting to know people and cares about their requirements. She is considerate of the people around her, and thoughtful in her interactions. I’m very happy with how this one has turned out! 😊”

— Madeleine's Mum

“Rowena is my eldest daughter – she hates housework but she loves art and design. Forever, “thinking outside the box”, she’s a natural explorer with limitless curiosity for the world. As a child, Rowena was imaginative, *very* cheeky and loveable (she still is). She always enjoyed drawing, telling stories and sharing them with us. I somehow always knew she would end up in some sort of creative industry, with this being said, I’m so happy that this is something she’s turned into a career.

As her mother, perhaps I’m biased, I know she’ll go far. Rowena has determination and grit but she’s also an inherently kind person, it’s how we raised her. Good manners are important too! I’m so proud of her.”

— Rowena's Mum

“Byron was born energetic, inquisitive, bright, loyal and generous to a fault. Being brought up by two creative parents his career path was in his blood. We often joke about Byron being bilingual in both in English and design.

From a really young age, Byron has been entrepreneurial and driven to learn. Since the age of 16 he’s been running little side projects in one form or another… Always studying something and always on top of the latest trend. He is unwavering in his commitment to grow, pivot, learn and complete any given task to his own high standards.

We are super proud of his work and work ethic, but more importantly the kind, open-minded, creative, generous brother and son that he is.”

— Byron's Mum

“As a child, Eric was very observant and curious. He likes asking questions and learning. He enjoys putting together puzzles and solving the Rubik’s cube. He is enthusiastic with his work and is always keen to share what he has done.

Eric excels in what he does. He was in the kindergarten’s gifted and talented group, was the state’s top 3 in Industrial Technology Graphics in HSC and was a Dean’s Merit awardee for his double degree in Business and Information Technology. He is creative, imaginative, and is always fascinated with new ideas and technology.

I am so proud of Eric for growing up to be a man with good values. He is very reliable, honest and trustworthy. He is content with what he has and is generous with his time for his family and friends.

Eric loves food, travel and adventure. He is a great travel companion and would always find the way when we’re lost. He appreciates art, nature, culture and people. He is a fun loving and caring person, a joy to be with. I am so lucky to have him as my son.”

— Eric's Mum

“From the moment Bec joined us in this world, she was wise. She took control of our lives, our home and her brothers. No, she is not a control freak, just very organised….. She dearly loves all those close to her and is extremely loyal and empathetic. Very much a people person!

Bec takes on all that is new, with great enthusiasm. She is always serious about her work and endeavours to please everyone around her. Her vibrancy is contagious! Bec has always been very creative and so I am not at all surprised she has ended up in this industry. I believe Bec will be an asset to any business (not biased at all….) because she is fair & non-judgemental but also rigid and forthright, just ask her brothers. You always know where you stand and she just gets the job done!

Bec makes me extremely proud. She has been my rock for many years, and I know she will be both good in your business and good for your business. Family is her comfort and we are lucky not to be too far away for our regular ‘fix’ of love and hugs. She is a beautiful soul ♥”

— Bec's Mum

“Sophia as a child was very independent. She started walking the day after her first birthday. A few months after that she worked out how to climb into her cot and put herself to sleep.

Sophia had a very vivid imagination, she would quite happily spend hours playing on her own, always creating something. I remember one time she designed a whole city of lego covering our entire snooker table, she was only 8 years old. Sophia has always naturally had an eye for detail, but what I love most about Sophia is her caring nature and how much effort and time she puts into anything she wants to achieve.

Sophia has always been a people person, regardless of age or gender, that’s another quality I admire, she takes the time to see and read a person. I think that’s an important quality to have in her profession. As a mother I could easily say that Sophia has been a perfect child in every aspect. I’ve been blessed to have her as a daughter.”

— Soph's Mum

“My curly haired little boy has grown into a man any mum would be proud of. Daniel is loving and compassionate and he has always been wise beyond his years. He has a big smile that can melt my heart, and like my dad Daniel is a gentle soul. Just hearing his voice on the phone can lift my spirits.

Daniel faces challenges head on and has a career he enjoys. There are always deadlines to be met in his work and Daniel has the commitment needed to see things through until he is satisfied he has done his best.

I knew he was destined to have a career in something like web development. During his school years Daniel would experiment with our first computers which occasionally ended with a trip to the repair shop. It would suddenly dawn on me that Daniel hadn’t been sitting at the computer so I’d ask him why and he’d tell me it was broken again! But Daniel mostly taught himself to code by experimenting and all that trial and error paid off.

Five years ago when Daniel was 25 he paid for and organised a surprise, month long family holiday to the UK so that I could celebrate my 60th birthday with my sisters and their families. I was so happy that I cried when I found out. What a loving thing for him to do for his mum, he had been saving for months.

Daniel has given me so many happy memories in his thirty years. I love him to bits and just know he’ll go however far he wants to. I couldn’t be a prouder mum.”

— Daniel's Mum

“I think Chris believed his future was in the arts from the age of three, when we framed and hung one of his finger paintings. No blank surface was safe from his doodling fingers, and by the time he was a teenager he was into graf and decorating freight trains – not tagging passenger trains, which he disdained. He got his start in Graphic Design at Cre8ive, but longed for more edgy commissions. He found his niche at ED., where he produced some stunning designs, including the site for photographer, Christopher Ireland, which won the AGDA Pinnacle Award.

Chris was a perfectionist, and worked hard to bring his designs to fruition. He appreciated quality in everything – food, clothing, art, interior design, and people. He particularly loved Japanese design – the sense of restraint – as well as their sushi and scotch! Yet he was extraordinarily accepting of people and their faults and limitations; if you were good-hearted, you were Chris’ friend for life.

As a Libra, Chris’ need was for balance and calm in his life. Yet this need was constantly challenged by his search for adventure. Chris was a risk-taker: as a small child, riding his bike down steep embankments, his Superman cape streaming behind, a sign of his apparent immortality; as an adolescent, painting freight trains, experimenting with marijuana and running from the police, and partying until the early hours of the morning. There was a restless energy about Chris. I can still see him sitting at our dining table, with his computer set up before him, leg bouncing up and down, phone in hand, saying Awesome, Awesome.

The last commission Chris completed included a new logo for Transport Canberra. We see it everywhere we go in Canberra – on buses, on signage, on hoardings – a big TC. Transport Canberra thinks it stands for Transport Canberra, but we know it is his final message to us: T and C for Tom and Cynthia”

— Chris' Mum

“Eric is the world to me, he has a loving caring nature and he loves family. He’s quick to join in and participate in family activities. He is so good with children and loves spending time with his nephews.

He is an ambitious person, once he sets his mind to something he really wants he is determined to get it, even from a early age he would pull the family lawnmower or his jetski apart and put it back together again.

In his early years he would always find ways to make money to buy remote controlled cars. At our camping trips he would go around the camp site selling the fish I’d catch to other campers and pocket the money. He once traded fish for lamb when a camper refused to pay money.

Eric has always loved building his own computers, general electronics and modern technology.

Eric is a true Leo, creative and confident, he is loving, loyal and generous, a real peoples person.

Eric’s weakness is food, his favorite is my homemade spaghetti meatballs and pizza, he will drive back from anywhere so he won’t miss out.”

— Eric's Mum

“I knew Elliot was destined for a career in the creative industries from an early age. As soon as he could hold a crayon or pencil he was constantly doodling, sketching and drawing. When he was young he used drawing as a form of communicating his ideas and for describing and explaining the things that he invented or designed and after getting feedback he would redraw and refine as he solved problems, we have drawers full of those sketchbooks.

Our family were early adopters of technology and Elliot was introduced to computers at a very young age. In year 6 for a project on cyclones, while all his classmates handed in cardboard posters, he built his first website. At about 13 he asked for a book on C++ programming and after that he was hooked. In year 10 he designed and built a website for his sister’s costume business and it was viewed by Eric which led to Elliot being the first employee at ED.

Elliot has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and he loves to learn. He amazes me with his general knowledge gained by listening to podcasts on his daily commute to work. I love the random conversations we have about a new bit of knowledge he has about the world and how it works.

Elliot is a kind, considerate and generous person and he is absolutely loyal to those he cares for. When introduced to new projects it is clear he enjoys meeting the new clients and he is motivated by the challenge of unpacking the brief, you can see he works hard to take the projects beyond just being a literal solution.

Elliot is a quiet achiever and a perfectionist and Elliot will always be my ‘little boy’ but I am so proud of the young man he has become. My job has been to support his decisions in life, whatever makes him happy and brings him joy is fine with me!”

— Elliot's Mum

“Sons are amazing, but mine is the best.
Adam you have matured into a confident, intelligent, hardworking caring man with a brilliant smile that lights up my life. You have become a stronger and wiser man than I ever dreamed you could be, but in my heart you are always my little boy. Adam you are most precious to me and I’m always here for you.
Love you to the moon and back.”

— Adam's Mum

“A cheeky little character as a young boy, who loved to entertain the family and make them laugh, Jeremy has grown into a charming, likeable young man with a kind, gentle personality and a will and determination to do his best in all things he does. He is liked by all those who come in contact with him and it is easy to be his proud Mum.

Growing up, he tried lots of creative things like designing houses and cars, photography and even knitting. He even mastered my sewing machine to make creative alterations to his clothes. These creative things were always done with the aim of making or designing something uniquely “Jeremy”.

Participating in web design in Primary School and winning a competition to have his own design printed on a local Surf company’s T-shirts, started Jeremy on the road to where he is today. Once he began using design software at university, he realised what area he wanted to pursue a career in.

Never settling for what didn’t feel exactly right, he took a convoluted route through a few different university and college courses, in Industrial design teaching, architecture and visual design, to where he finally found his niche in design.

He loves what he does at ED. and enthusiastically talks about his latest projects and what he is learning.

I’m very proud of this quiet achiever, of where he has taken himself and how he persevered till he got there. ”

— Jeremy's Mum